Shelling trips are usually about 4-7 days in duration and have a laid-back agenda that caters to the sheller - whether you are interested in snorkeling, beach combing, wading, relaxing in the water or visiting shops or museums.  We encourage responsible collecting and leave habitats undisturbed so that the shelling spots will be around for many years to come.  Live specimens are frequently photographed and returned to the sea.

Bahamian Shelling Trips

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Trip Details

This will be a shallow water shelling trip to Nassau, the capital island of the Bahamas.

(Bev grew up there and knows all the good shelling spots!)


Price includes

Air fare,

Lodging - nice!,

Boat, car, gas, breakfast and a Bahamian dinner.

A musical DVD of the trip will be produced by Bev as a shelling trip keepsake.


Not included:

Lunches, Dinners, drinks, tips.  Passport required.




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