Hydro Pilates

Since 2003, Bev has been teaching Water Aerobics at various locations for those who love to exercise in the water while enjoying heart pumping music and the great Florida weather!


A certified Hydro Pilates instructor, Bev has helped many people increase their mobility with low impact water exercises, by incorporating cardio exercises, stretching and pilates in the hour long sessions.  New venues:  Bev is now teaching at: Frenchman’s Reserve, and has also taught at area locations such as President’s Country Club and Mirasol Country Club.



Bahama Bev's water aerobics classes are terrific. I have been to others, but hers are much more of a workout. Not so much strenuous, but the exercises really help keep you flexible. I have attended her classes over the past two years and they are well worth while!!


                                                                                              (Jim L.)

Contact Bev (727) 421-2850

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